Geometry Description Markup Language (GDML)

Simulation Framework Subproject
26/11/2013   GDML_3_1_0 released, Updated User's Manual, release 2.3
23/11/2011   GDML_3_0_1 released, Updated User's Manual, release 2.2
15/12/2010   Updated User's Manual, release 2.1
18/12/2008   GDML_3_0_0 released

General Information

The Geometry Description Markup Language is an application-indepedent geometry description format based on XML. It can be used as the primary geometry implementation language as well as it provides a geometry data exchange format for the existing applications. The workpackage consists of the GDML Schema part, which is a fully self-consistent definition of the GDML syntax. Since release 3_0_0, the GDML I/O part which provides means for writing out and reading in GDML files is integrated in the packages (like Geant4 and Root) providing GDML compliant interfaces. The GDML Schema does not depend in any way on the GDML I/O parts. In particular, new extensions to the GDML I/O packages can be implemented (interfaces to new application, like for instance visualisation, editors, etc), while the GDML Schema definition remains unchanged.
At the present moment, there exist two toolkit bindings for GDML, the Geant4 binding and the Root binding, both integrated within the respective frameworks. Both bindings support the GDML import (reading GDML files) as well as the export (writing out GDML files).


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Latest Release: GDML_3_1_0

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Package structure

GDML Schema Definition of the XML schema specifying GDML syntax

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Contact: Witold Pokorski